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The 2015 SF Count

by E.G. Cosh and Niall Harrison

9 May 2016

Welcome to the sixth Strange Horizons "SF count" of representation in SF reviewing.

Can I Hug You? A Conversation about Writing, Representation, and Kale

by Mishell Baker and Sunil Patel

25 April 2016

Mishell, your debut novel Borderline has gotten incredible reviews and has already gone into a second printing. So my first question for you is: how long is too long for a hug?

Energy in SF: A Conversation

by Ian McDonald and Stephanie Saulter

28 March 2016

"Getting to the stars is all well and good, but what we really need is to get to work."

Improbability Drives: The Energy of SF

by Graeme Macdonald

15 February 2016

"This article intends to test and advance claims for SF's potential as the genre best placed to advance our understanding not only about the present and future energy crises we face, but also the manner in which we (fail to) envisage and conceive energy as a matter for culture as much as it is cultural matter."

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