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Future Cities: PD Smith & Darran Anderson in Conversation

by PD Smith & Darran Anderson

27 June 2016

Can cities slip from being living, breathing places to being what we might call living-dead, however exquisite the corpse is? Alongside climatic changes or catastrophes, do you think there's a danger of cities being perfected out of existence? 

SF is the Genre of the City: An Interview with Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay

by Eli Lee and Gautam Bhatia

27 June 2016

SF is a genre of turbulent times and that turbulence is often reflected in apocalyptic and postapocalyptic imagery whose first symptom is the slum.

Manchester: A Tale of Two Dystopias

by Anne Charnock and Matt Hill

27 June 2016

"Manchester is historically a centre of innovation. We had the industrial revolution, the first railway stations, the first programmable computer, the atom was split here, and more recently we've isolated graphene. So it made sense that future innovations in genetic engineering would happen here as well."

'Being Forced Into the World': A Roundtable on the Works of Nalo Hopkinson

by Kevin Jared Hosein, Brent Ryan Bellamy, and Portia Subran

30 May 2016

Her work pushes through like an epic journey of encounters and self-transition.

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