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"That Obsessive Recursiveness": An Interview with Leo Mandel

by Leo Mandel and Seth Dickinson

29 August 2016

That attraction/repulsion thing with vulnerability again, I can mark out an author who came from fandom a mile away. Weight in small gestures, terror, gentleness.

Tomorrow Through the Past: Jo Walton and Ada Palmer in Conversation

by Ada Palmer and Jo Walton

29 August 2016

It's interesting to me that people instantly try to categorize this future into "utopia" or "dystopia" because we don't really have a category for "pretty good future with some flaws."

Boucher, Backbone and Blake – the legacy of Blakes 7

by Erin Horáková

22 August 2016

Almost no other show, genre or otherwise, is as well-written as Blakes 7...I want people who enjoy, talk about and make art to know where the good shit is and where the bar should be set.

Artist Interview: Melissa Pagluica

by Tory Hoke

15 August 2016

Even as a kid I was always trying to create worlds and stories with my art.

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