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by John Clute

10 November 2014

That a vessel of story so packed with story it seems to overflow with plenitude can feel half-empty after we shut the last page may be a central clue to what David Mitchell has been doing in The Bone Clocks in order to tell sooth; or not. A clue would be good.

Me and Science Fiction: Problematic Chocolate

by Eleanor Arnason

3 November 2014

I haven't been reading enough books lately, so I joined a local fantasy book discussion group.

Communities: Color Outside the Lines

by Renay

13 October 2014

I dedicated more time in the 1990s to downloading fanart than anything else besides fan fiction.


by John Clute

6 October 2014

This is the terror within that J cannot utter aloud but which, in Jacobson's superbly controlled unpacking of the costs of not uttering that which cannot be spoken, permeates every word.

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