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Matrilines: Evangeline Walton: The Woman Who Defined a Genre

by Kari Sperring

5 October 2015

Unlike the first three writers I’ve discussed in this column so far, Walton has not yet fallen completely off the radar within SF—she is still mentioned in at least some critical works,

Communities: Unlimited Queer Stories for Free

by Renay

28 September 2015

When I was younger I read a lot of original stories about friendship and romance.


by John Clute

28 September 2015

The feel they give is of a grasping of the new only possible if the author has been able to take a breath.

Dragon Age and the Shape of Desire

by Andrea Phillips

14 September 2015

Like millions of other gamers around the world, I am a tremendous fan of the Dragon Age series.

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