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Marginalia: Skin Readings

by Vajra Chandrasekera

26 September 2016

Many of us, as writers of the fantastic, begin with (and return to, again and again) the skin.

Matrilines: Miyabe Miyuki: The Ethics of Alternate Realities

by Kari Sperring

5 September 2016

I should not need to write about Miyabe Miyuki.


by John Clute

22 August 2016

When we look into the mirror pastwards, we seem to see cliffs and panoplies of loved story carking at us wordfully in our wake Remember Me! Remember Me!

Me and Science Fiction: The Marvel Project

by Eleanor Arnason

8 August 2016

At this point the Marvel project includes 12 movies that are out, plus 8 more planned or in production. . . . So what are these movies about? What is their appeal?

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