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by John Clute

20 June 2016

So I guess we're being asked to ride this book to El Dorado. Let us try.

Reading Science Fiction and Fantasy for (South) Asia

by Salik Shah

13 June 2016

The brick and mortar bookstores in Kathmandu, New Delhi, and Bombay don’t stock critical SF, science, or math books barring few exceptions—well-worn classics and college textbooks.

Communities: Written by the Victors

by Renay

6 June 2016

I've been thinking a lot about awards lately.

Metagames: Playing at Good and Evil

by Andrea Phillips

23 May 2016

This is where I first encountered the concept of moral ambiguity: that sometimes it's hard to even know what the right thing is, because choosing one good outcome means preventing another.

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