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The Golden Age of Science Fiction Is Twenty-Nine

by Nancy Jane Moore

25 May 2015

According to the lore, a fan named Peter Graham once responded to a debate on what age—referring to period of time—constituted the “Golden Age” of science fiction by saying “twelve.”

Movements: Use of Anger

by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz

18 May 2015

At times, writing this column is like performing open heart surgery on myself.

Communities: A Theory of the Narrative Multiverse

by Renay

4 May 2015

Teen Wolf is one of my favorite fandoms.

To Explore Strange Old Worlds, to Seek Out Old Civilizations: Conferencing Greece and Rome and Science Fiction

by Tony Keen

27 April 2015

Liz Gloyn writes elsewhere in Strange Horizons about the current state of play in terms of scholarship; here I review what is the third conference in four years to address the area.

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