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The Tourist

by Nicasio Andres Reed

18 July 2016

I lived in Seattle for about five years, but only went up to Vancouver two or three times, and that was a crime on my part because it’s a beautiful city: great landscape, good eating, packed with Canadians.

Some Advice From a Gay Publisher on Writing Gay

by Steve Berman

18 July 2016

There are greater opportunities for writers of gay fiction now than ever before.

Open Book, Insert Self

by Yoon Ha Lee

11 July 2016

Once upon a time, in a used bookstore in Houston, I came across a book called The Seven Serpents by Steve Jackson.

Did You Mean "A Romantic"?

by Penny Stirling

4 July 2016

"One day you'll find the right someone and they'll change your mind," I heard in high school, a lot, and I began to fear this, this bogeyman who would—inevitably, unstoppably—brainwash me from total disinterest to total interest.

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