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Communities: Sign Up Here

by Renay

15 December 2014

In late October of 1995, I signed up for my first holiday fanwork exchange via a Sailor Moon message board I was a member of, after discovering online fandom the year before through the magic of the Internet.

Between Prose and Play: Words on Ice-Pick Lodge

by Cassandra Khaw

1 December 2014

If games development companies could be anthropomorphized, Ice-Pick Lodge would be the haunted eccentric, the self-made thespian with a taste for the ghoulish, the genius with a sunken stare and a boxful of shoddy miracles.

Movements: Towards Change

by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz

24 November 2014

Change. It’s been on my mind a lot these days.


by John Clute

10 November 2014

That a vessel of story so packed with story it seems to overflow with plenitude can feel half-empty after we shut the last page may be a central clue to what David Mitchell has been doing in The Bone Clocks in order to tell sooth; or not. A clue would be good.

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