Recent Poetry

To my Shyaam

by Shweta Narayan

22 August 2016

Dancing child, poison-turner, lifter / of mountaintops, not even Kaliya / could carry your weight.

To the Girl Who Ran Through Crop Circles

by Karen J. Weyant

15 August 2016

You never shy away from the sudden shapes / that appear shorn in the fields, // waves of stalks woven into circles and split spheres.

population changes

by Brandon O'Brien

8 August 2016

an android can win an arms race / but a black boy can't.

We Have Slain The Savage Martians, But Their Princess Escaped

by Kayla Bashe

1 August 2016

Phobos and Deimos, alien mockeries - / Make our moons birds of prey. They will learn how to hunt.

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