Recent Poetry

The Sparrows in Her Hair

by Hester J. Rook

18 July 2016

Her mouth is caramelised fig and salt tang / and she wears seaweed in her hair.


by Karolina Fedyk

18 July 2016

Riverbed is home. / Tides fold over me, smooth and sweet, asking: / what could be worth burning your voice out, up there?

A Mergirl Speaks Of Travels

by Michelle Vider

11 July 2016

Listen—one day you're gonna find yourself out in the ocean, / in the world, and you're gonna stop and feel the electric / heartbeat of the entire world in the water around you—

Duck Dance, Two-Step

by Halee Kirkwood

11 July 2016

That our flower girl would sprinkle / tobacco leaves instead of rose petals / before you plucked me apart / with your blood-smudged claws.

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